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To see transformed Communities in least envangelised Nations through wholistic kingdom gospel.

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Royal Harvest Supporters Foundation promotes and facilitates strategic Gospel Outreaches in Unreached Communities through Church Mobilization, Missionary empowerment and Community development.

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It all began on Christmas day 25/12/2016 in my husband’s village, Aloko-Organeinugu. I was by the dinning table entertaining some visitors in the sitting room when all of a sudden, I had an urge to read my Bible. While laughing, I was wondering how I could  read the Bible at that point in time but the urge got stronger.  I left that Martha’s business for an in-law to continue with.

As I left for the bedroom, I just knew that if I sat on the bed, I would sleep. So I sat on the bare cemented floor. As soon as I sat down, I heard very audibly from my right, “so you’ll come to the village, flex around and leave?”. I looked in that direction to see who was speaking but I was alone.  I looked around in amazement and the voice spoke again from my left and saying, “so Ezekiel has come to the village, he will flex around and leave”. I looked but saw no one. Then I shouted and said “I want to read my Bible!”.
I picked up my Bible from the bed and as I put it on my lap, it opened by itself, to Joel 3 and I started reading from verse 9-16. I read it over a number of times before I found myself with the understanding that I should raise young missionaries for HIM. The older missionaries were getting older and some places needed missionaries. I also understood that it was to be a teamwork not a one-man’s show and that I had to reach out to Churches to meet the brethren to work with. I sent for brother Ezekiel (now a pastor), but he was not home. When he returned, he visited me in the company of a friend of his.
I related a summary of my experience and they said, that it was similar to what they just discussed in his grand parents’ place where they went. We immediately started making arrangements.
I was already in a prayer group in Church back home, so we adopted this assignment as we continued praying.


On 11/03/2017, I attended a training called Perspectives organized by Nigeria Evangelical Missions Association (NEMA), 20-23/11/2017. I attended a conference titled GO NORTH in Redeem Camp, Lagos.
On 31/08/2017 we set out to CEFN Church Aloko-Oganenigu Kogi State for Global Engagement Training (GET) in collaboration with vision5015 Directorate of NEMA, Abuja. With us were Pst & Mrs Victor Idakwoji, Pst James Enemakwu, Rev Tokumbo Salami and myself as the resource persons. After this we’ve been to Aloko-Oganenigu a second e, we also taken global mission awareness to Iyale, Ankpa and Okpo.
In all GOD has been faithful. All the programs so far, everything was free for the participants, including feeding, books, certificates, logistics for the resource persons etc as The Lord provided through the free will donations of very few people.


Others who laboured with us from the beginning are; Pastor Faith Ojonugua Sule, Arome Ocheni, Brother Emmanuel Omata Gabriel, Mrs Paulina Eleojo Atuluku. As the journey progressed, Pst Joseph Onuh Ejigbo, Audu Samuel Oguche, Samson Ojima, Elder Jane Musa, to mention but a few, came on board the moving train.


Royal Harvest Supporters Foundation promotes and facilitates strategic Gospel Outreaches in Unreached Communities through Church Mobilisation, Missionary empowerment, and Community development.